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The Interactive Storytelling Program

Too often theatres that have educational programs focus their work on children no younger than 3rd grade. Many elementary schools are actively looking for programing that impacts their neglected early elementary students. Interactive Storytelling fills this void. By creating programing that focuses on exploring with young children (grades K-2) their creativity through movement and character creation and emphasizing a respect for all people’s creative ideas, Interactive Storytelling fosters vital critical and creative thinking skills and helps prepare the way for life-long love of art and theatre.

Interactive Storytelling uses the boundless creativity of young children to create new works of theatre.  Students learn how to focus their imagination into play creation, group collaboration, and theatrical expression.  Even the youngest student can create a play that reflects their unique imagination and experience.

Learn more about Interactive Storytelling:



Workshop Outlines

Want to bring Interactive Storytelling to your child’s school?  Contact me for materials and scheduling options.

In the Kansas City area: this programming is being offered through a couple of professional theatres, drop me an email to match up with one of them.

In the Topeka area: Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy is currently implementing this programming!  Contact myself or TCTA’s Education Director.

Not in Topeka or Kansas City?  Well, we might be able to work something out.  Drop me an email and we can figure it out!

A pdf version of this Interactive Storytelling Overview can be downloaded and shared with your local PTA or Arts Administrator here.


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