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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Crenshaw delivers an incredibly subtle performance as the seemingly aimless grown son living at home. Chuck is more honest and emotionally available than the women surrounding him and his shrewd philosophizing makes sense. Chuck shares touching moments with Iris, Erica and Nif as he is the only person willing to let down their guard in this emotional battlefield. These introspective moments are quite brief and are among the few respites in the play.


Libby Hanssen at KCMetropolis, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Performing Arts reviews The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre’s production of Rules for Widows.  The full review here.

Kansas City playwright Michael Ruth’s new play is currently in it’s World Premiere at the MET in Kansas City.  Shows runs through Oct. 3rd; Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm.


Robert Trussell at the KC Star previews a handful of Kansas City Theatre Season Openers including Move Over, Mrs. Markham (at The New Theatre), Nobody Lonesome for Me (The American Heartland Theatre), The End of Apathy (The Living Room), Rules for Widows (The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre), and Red (Unicorn Theatre).  Below is an excerpt:

“Rules for Widows,” a new play by Kansas City playwright Michael Ruth, receives its world premiere tonight at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. In the play, a woman begins discovering her husband’s secrets after his untimely death and finds herself in conflict with her sister while dealing with her unemployed son and her daughter, who brings her new girlfriend to the funeral. The cast includes Jan Rogge, Marilyn Lynch, Coleman Crenshaw, Jessica Franz and Katie Ligon. Karen Paisley directs. The show runs through Oct. 2. Call 816-569-3226 or go to

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