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Combo Acting Reel

Commercial Acting Reel

Captives: A Crime Thriller Web Series by Baron Redman


A Good Match: Short Film by Lyn Elliot- highlight this sentence for password matchfilm

Paper Weight: A short commercial spot for Climate Corp – highlight this sentence for password paperweight

Democrasauras Rex: a Short film that lampoons nationalism and the military-industrial complex, and runs them through a psychedelic b-movie blended mix of Godzilla and Dr. Strangelove.

Coming Soon:

PONY: Short Film by Kyle Kelley for Rode Competition


The Promise: Short Film by Ty Jones

The Promise Poster

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: a Feature Comedy by Patrick Poe and Lolo JonesSLMSLMN

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem: a Feature Film by The Tady BrothersSherlock

Zoink!: A SciFi Comedy Film by Lolo Loren


Order 86: A Feature Spy Thriller by Richard Buswell

Order 86

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