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Selected Performance Credits

Kansas City, MO

Pinocchio | Geppetto, Puppet Master | (TYA) Valerie Mackey
At the Altar of Diana |
Helicanus | Talaessa Bice
Cabaret | Ernst Ludwig | (MTH) Tim Scott
The Play That Goes Wrong |
Adam (The New Theatre) Todd Lanker
Secret in the Wings | The Ogre | (Forge Repertory Theatre) Todd Lanker
Deathtrap | Clifford Anderson | (Maples Repertory) John Contini
Scream In Blue | Butoh Performer | (Fringe Festival) Logan Black
Go Dog Go | White Dog (TYA) Valeria Mackey
The Little Prince | The Aviator(Mesner Puppet Theatre) Erika Baker
Orphan Cycle | John Howard, Steve Tyler, Felix, et al (MET) Todd Lanker
Blithe Spirit | Charles Condomine(KCAT) Doug Weaver
Peter Pan | Captain Hook |(TYA) Gene Mackey
The Mascot | Chaplain Reamus |
(Agile Rabbit@TLR) Peter Zazzali
Raggedy Ann & Andy’s Christmas Adventure | Policeman | (TYA) Valerie Mackey
The Weir | Brendan| (Central Standard Theatre) Bob Paisley
Photograph 51 | Francis Crick | (The MET) Karen Paisley
The Elephant Man | John Merrick (The Barn) Mark Hamilton
Sylvia | Greg (Buffalo Room) Katie Kalahurka
Voyage to Voyager |
Carl Sagan | (KC Fringe) Tara Varney
Neighborhood 3: requisition of doom |
Father(s) | (Fishtank) Taylor St. John
Crimes of the Heart |
Barnette | (Kansas City Actor’s Theatre) Darren Sextro
Columbus Day |
Doug | (The Living Room) Bryan Moses
Red Death |
Death | (KC Fringe) Tara Varney
Mmm… More 4Play |
Charlie | (KC Fringe) Scott Cordes
Dangerous to Dance With |
Nick | (Martin Tanner Productions) Diane Bulan
White Sangria |
John Martin | (Melting Pot KC) Harvey Williams
The 12 Plays of Christmas (2013, 2014)
  |  Various  |  (Fishtank) Heidi Van
Fairy Tales’ End
 |  Company  |  (MoJo Invocations) Hailey Jones
Carrie: The Musical
 |  Mr. Stephens / Rev. Bliss  |  (Egads!) Steven Eubank
Dangerous Liaisons |
Valmont | (The Barn Players) Darren Sextro
Pride’s Crossing |
Frazier / West / Kitty | (The MET) Karen Paisley
Number the Stars |
Mr. Rosen / Others | (Coterie Theatre) Cynthia Levin
Skillet Tag |
Greg the IT Guy | (Play On! Productions) Bryan Moses
The Kentucky Cycle  |  
Jeremiah Talbert / Others  |  (The MET) Karen Paisley
Tribute to the Marx Brothers  |  
Harpo  |  (NCF- The Folly Theatre) Damian Blake
Voyeur  |  
Husband  |  (The Fishtank)  Heidi Van
Hamlet  |  
Hamlet   |  (Alcott Arts Center)  Lindsey Adams
Pilgrimage  |  
Friar  |  (KC Fringe) Bob Paisley
Pippi Longstocking and the Policeman  |  
Bobby Blue  |  (TYA – Union Station) Gene Mackay
Titus Andronicus  |  
Ensemble  |  (The Living Room) Kyle Hatley
Martin Short Bagpipe Impersonation  |  
Bagpiper  |  (Epic Entertainment) Martin Short
A Bucket of Blood  |  
Lou / Foley Artist  |  (Living Room) Cody Wyoming
The Seagull  |  
Konstantine  |  (MET) Karen Paisley
A Very Accidental Holiday  |  
Father  |  (Living Room) Alex Espy
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  |  
Boy  |  (TYA) Valerie Mackay
Rules for Widows
 |  Chuck  |  (MET) Karen Paisley
|  Actor 1  |  (Fishtank Perf. Studio) Heidi Van
America: Now and Here  |  Actor Corps  |  (ANH-KC) Paul Douglas Michnewicz
Enchanted April  | Antony Wilding  |  (MET) Linda Brand
The Pillowman  | Katurian  |  (She & Her Prod) Trevor Belt
Bridge to Terabithia  | Jesse Aarons, Sr.  |  (Coterie) Jeff Church
Awake and Sing! |  Sam Feinschreiber  |  (MET) Karen Paisley
Our Town (Cromer version)   |    Stage Manager   |   (OCTA) Darren Sextro
New Vaudeville: an exploration | Company Member   |   (KC Fringe) Kraig Kensinger
53 Days and 52 Nights: a clown requiem | The Attendant   |   (Fishtank Perf. Studio) Damian Torres-Botello
The Flock: a Clown Troupe   |   Bym   |   Beth Byrd-Lonski
Act Without Words I   | Actor   |   Beth Byrd-Lonski

Providence, RI

Act Without Words I | Actor | Kevin Delaney
What Where | Bam   |   Kevin Delaney
Rough For Theatre I | A   |   Kevin Delaney
Lebensraum(Touring Production)   |   Actor #2   |   James Calitri
Othello al Kut | Iago Kirksen   | Aaron Andrade
Another Part of the Forest | Ben Hubbard   |   Ed Shea
Belle’s Stratagem | Saville   |   Ed Shea
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest | Billy Bibbit   |   James Taylor
The Lesson | The Professor   |   Frank Borelli

Oxford, UK

The Talented Mr. Ripley | Tom Ripley   |  Hugh Montgomery

Sterling, KS

The Cherry Orchard | Yermolay Lopahkin   |   Gordon Kling
Complete Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) | Member of Troupe   |  Elizabeth Ziegler
A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Theseus   |   Diane Defranco-Kling
Two Rooms | Walker Harris   |   Sasha Hildebrand
Groucho: A Life in Review | Harpo Marx   |   Benjamin Dicke
Servant of Two Masters | Pantalone   |   Diane Defranco-Kling
ACT 1 (3 National Tours) | Ensemble Member   |   Ed Lowry, Rachel Prochaska, Jason Garrett
Measure For Measure | Angelo   |    Gordon Kling
The Seagull | Pytor Nikolayevich Sorin   |   Shalom Sanchez


M.F.A., Performance & Society   | 2006-2009   |   Rhode Island College
B.A., Theatre Arts   |
1999-2003 |   Sterling College
Classical Dramatic Literature   |
2002 |   Keble College, Oxford University

Dante DelGuidice |   Movement  |   Providence, RI
Nehassaiu deGannes |   Acting and Voice   |   Providence, RI
Diane DeFranco-Kling |   Acting   |   Sterling, KS
Gordon Kling |   Technical Theatre   |   Sterling, KS
Naum Panovski |   Movement and Alternative Theatre   |   Providence, RI

Special Skills

Accents: Queen’s English, Russian, Irish (Dublin), German, Texan, South Boston, Southern

Advanced computer skills, marketing experience, driving, solid basic juggling skills, commedia and clowning, tarantula wrangling, works well with children, can belch on command, wiggle both ears, and raise one eyebrow.
Impressions: Carl Sagan, Sean Connery, Harpo Marx, Gene Wilder

Coleman Crenshaw Acting Resume to download a hardcopy.


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