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current location: Kansas City

represented by Moxie Talent

actor reels: here

currently in production for:  Secret in the Wings at Forge Repertory Theatre from March 5-15.


I am an independent artist who is passionate about theatre as a force of community engagement and social change. Theatre should educate, inspire, and move us to action.  Successful art should also offer hope and bolster faith.

I tend to be nomadic, geographically and stylistically.  This means I may be found to wandering the globe creating a wide range of performance art including everything from physical theatre to Shakespeare– from clowning to Inge.

See what people are saying about my performances here.

I am also a Founder and the Co-Artistic Director of Forge Repertory Theatre in Kansas City, MO.  We believe in Open Theatre– our shows are accessible to all regardless of financial barriers; our shows feature a repertory of emerging artists working along side established artist mentors; and our budgets are an open book in which we allow all to see our process and goals for paying all artists a living wage!


I am also a teaching artist.

I run Single Digit Theatre, an educational exploration for very young children (ages 5-8), which implements my Interactive Storytelling techniques.

Older children (ages 9-16) can experience Playmaking, a groundbreaking theatre program based on New York’s 52nd Street Project which focuses on guiding students through play creation and production. Students develop their creativity and self-esteem through a painless and supportive group environment. Playmaking culminates in performances of students’ plays by professional actors and directors (and sometimes students!)

Not a kiddo? Don’t worry: I also offer physical theatre, acting, and movement workshops for all ages.  I may even be found teaching courses at your local college/university or theatre.

You can contact me by clicking here.


  1. Great website, impressive to review, You The Man!!! Hope to see you soon.

  2. great job Cole. We are very proud of you. Love, Gramps

  3. Great website.

  4. hello i just thought i would say hello as i have just become aware of you. my name is jeanne beechwood and i am the artistic director of the martin city melodrama & vaudeville co. a professional non equity theatre who just celebrated their 31st season. so glad you are honoring the andersons. they started making their cakes at the martin city melodrama long ago and continue to this day for our theatre and many others. they are amazing folks. our company also works with children and special needs teens and adults. is there any chance you would be interested in seeing a show with our students, not for reviewing, but just to enjoy the talents of these future vaudevillians. i would love to hear back from you. thanks.

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