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KC Parent named Theatre for Young America’s current production of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie starring Noelia Rothery and Coleman Crenshaw one of it’s Top Picks for October.

Excerpts from Kristina Light’s review below:

Laura Joffe Numeroff’s “If you…” popular Children’s Series keeps kids laughing. Fans of the series will love “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” at Theatre for Young America.


If you take a child to a “good” children’s show it will hold their attention without fidgets and wiggles. If you take a child to a “great” chidlren’s show it will set the entire audience into roars of laughter and leave the children talking about the performance all day long…. and then they’ll want to tell daddy all about it… and then they’ll want to tell grandma… and then they’ll want to tell their aunts… and then they’ll wake up the next morning wanting to see the show again…. and that is just what happened at my house after attending opening day of Theatre for Young America’s “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”


The show is full of good old-fashioned physical humor and slapstick. The creativity of the cast played out well and with each stunt the mouse pulled, the children roared with laughter.


If you’re looking for fun entertainment for little ones this fall, consider an outing to TYA’s “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  We recommend this show for early elementary and preschool children.

For the full review at KC Parent click here.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie runs through November 12th at the H&R Block City Stage on Level B of Union Station.  Showtimes vary, but 10am Tuesdays-Fridays and 1pm on Saturdays will always get you there for a show.  For tickets and showtimes visit Union Station Ticketing.


No one can quite put their finger on what America: Now and Here is, what it will be, or what it might become.  A roving museum packed with visual art, film, poetry, and theatre freshly minted from the best and brightest artists in America aspiring to spark a dialogue with America.  Who are we?  What does America look like post 9-11, post Obama, post Hurricane or Oil Spill or Economic Crisis?  Art, for me, is about uncovering that face, finding that voice, discovering our collective (and by extension, personal) identity.  This new national arts project, America: Now and Here, is looking for that conversation.  It kicks off next week here in Kansas City and I am proud to be a part of it.  Even if I can’t quite get my finger on what it will look like.  I am one of the 10 local actors tasked with bringing to life the works so many local and national playwrights have written in response to Eric Fischl’s call for dialogue.  We will be performing in a museum in The Crossroads, one of the many thriving arts areas of Kansas City.  Site specific, overheard conversation, guerrilla theatre are just a few of the theatre buzz words floating around as people try to describe what it might be like in performance.  But no one really knows.  And that, in the end, is kind of exciting.  I don’t know what America’s identity is in these turbulent times; I don’t know what we may become, or even what we are.  But I look forward to the conversation.  So far the journey has been amazing, confusing, and inspiring.  And I hope you’ll join us.

Check out the fantastic website for more info and perhaps a clearer explanation of what this project is about.

The Museum opens its doors in Kansas City this First Friday (May 6th) at 11am and will be open Wed-Sun through-out May.  Then the museum picks up and moves to a new metro area and starts the process over.  Be ready: here, there, or anywhere.

The PillowmanIntense, frightening, brutal, funny, sickening, and exciting, Martin McDonagh’s play The Pillowman opens March 18th at The Birdhouse Theatre in the West Bottoms.  A writer in a totalitarian state is interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a number of child-murders that are happening in his town.  Produced by fledging company She&Her Productions and directed by Trevor Belt, this unflinching examination of art, violence, and censorship stars Coleman Crenshaw, Matt Leonard, Jeremy Frazier, and Rick Williamson.

At a time when much of the Middle East is poised on the cusp of revolution many states are at the edge of either unprecedented freedom or crushing repression.  While we all hope for the former, this play is set firmly in the later.  An English-speaking government, under the guise of moral authority and in order to protect its citizenry, has created a nation in which police have the ultimate power to imprison, torture, and kill with impunity.  In this authoritarian state a writer is dragged into an interrogation room for writing brutally violent short stories, many of which feature graphic descriptions of child mutilations.  He and his simple-minded brother are pulled into a maelstrom of physical and psychological torment beacuse someone has begun to act out his stories, brutally murdering children one by one.

McDonagh at his best, this play is a tour de force of twists and turns, hope and hopelessness, and failure and triumph.  It is great storytelling.  Don’t miss it.

The Pillowman has a very limited run in one of the more intimate theatres in Kansas City, The Birdhouse Theatre in the West Bottoms, so seating is very limited.  Reserve your tickets now at  Or by calling 816-405-9200 or emailing the box office.

March 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, and 28. All shows at 8pm.

She & Her Productions is dedicated to the creation of quality and diverse performance art.  Our goal is to entertain and educate in a unique and accepting environment which embraces and encourages diversity in our community, thus enriching the culture.