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The Tradition Continues…

THE BLOOMSDAY GAZETTE — It was 16 years ago on another June 16 that a group of puzzled participants first celebrated Bloomsday at the used book store of the same name in Brookside with a 24-hour reading of ULYSSES.  In addition, that midnight, Sylvia Stoner, fresh from Skidmore College, directed the first staged reading in K.C. of Professor Opitz’s play.

The early readers were an enthusiastic crew of volunteers who struggled with the words and blushed mightily at the content.  Despite widely varying degrees of talent, it was a huge success.  Gradually over the years, the enthusiastic amateurs have given way to some of our region’s finest professional performers.

A  special thanks this year goes to Kip Niven for assembling the wonderful cast, to Nancy Wormington and Renata Rea, executor director and assistant director of the Irish Center, and to the Kansas City Irish volunteers and barflies who never fail to show when needed.

— Tom & Nancy Shawver, Bloomsday Books

The Day’s Events

•9 a.m. Marathon Reading of Ulysses, includes traditional Irish breakfast
•4 p.m. Joyce to the World, documentary of the 100th Bloomsday celebration
•5:30 p.m. Bridget Driscoll Dancers with live traditional Irish music
•7 p.m. The play Bloomsday: Dublin, June 16

Admission, beer and refreshments are free, but donations to the Irish Center are appreciated.


More information about Bloomsday, Joyce and all manner of Irish bawdery below the break.

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