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The Kansas City Star

You know Kansas City has arrived as a cultural destination when New Yorkers seek it out as a venue. In recent years, the KC audience has become accustomed to big, multimedia, multidisciplinary events, largely through the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project, which regularly presents showings that mix poetry, dance, music, performance, film and visual arts. On Friday, much of this local activity and many of its best-known practitioners will be folded into a multimillion-dollar national project spearheaded by NY artist Eric Fischl, a star of the 1980s art boom, and launching in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District. It’s called “America: Now and Here,” and its mission is to “open up a dialogue about America through the arts.” Fischl conceived the project — a traveling show of works by national painters, playwrights, poets, composers and musicians joined by their counterparts from the cities it will visit — “as a way to foster a new civic relationship with the arts.” “We’re not about art, we’re about positioning art for new and necessary kinds of dialogue about America,” said the project’s director, Dorothy Dunn,  […]

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